Buildings are your biggest asset.

Whether you own a small strip center, major industrial park or high-rise office tower, our objective at Cushman & Wakefield / EGS Commercial Real Estate is to maximize the value of your real estate investment.   To achieve this goal, we follow an established process for managing properties and apply a  systematic approach which ensures consistent and reliable service. Our Property Management services focus on three primary areas: Building Operations, Tenant Relations and Financial Management.

Building Operations

Each property is assigned a Property Manager who is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the Property including building and grounds, mechanical operations, preventive maintenance programs and tenant/occupant relations. Our skilled Property Managers think as owners and use their entrepreneurial expertise to find effective solutions to all property-related issues so the goals and needs of our clients and tenants are met.

Tenant Relations

Cushman & Wakefield / EGS Commercial Real Estate recognizes that communication is paramount in order to maintain satisfied tenants. Our Property Managers regularly communicate with tenants to ensure that everyone’s needs are heard and accommodated where appropriate. During normal business hours, EGS staffs a customer service “Help Desk” which receives all tenant calls and communicates all service requests to the appropriate Property Manager. Our Help Desk representatives also perform quality assurance with tenants to verify that all service requests are completed in a timely manner.  For after-hours and weekend emergencies, we provide tenants, fire departments and police departments with on-call contact information to enable immediate response by EGS personnel.

Financial Management

Our Property Management services include annual budget preparation, customized monthly reporting and operating cost benchmarking. Our Property Managers work closely with those responsible for accounting and leasing at each property in order to achieve a complete understanding of the property that goes beyond what is ordinarily offered in the marketplace.  Cushman & Wakefield / EGS Commercial Real Estate is particularly effective in its ability to generate meaningful cost efficiencies and service enhancements on behalf of our clients. Typically, those areas that offer the best opportunity for cost savings include labor, purchasing of equipment, materials and supplies, energy consumption and vendor services.

For 30 years, Cushman & Wakefield / EGS Commercial Real Estate has been perfecting the discipline of property management. We currently serve as the management and leasing agent for 6.1 million square feet of commercial property located throughout Alabama, which consists of approximately 4.6 million square feet of industrial space, 1.3 million square feet of office space, and 200,000 square feet of retail space.

We have expertise in the field, and strong relations with our vendors. Let us put our resources, knowledge, and experience to work for you.